Friday, November 14, 2008

I want candy!

How excited am I that Sephora is now stocking Dylan's Candy Bar bath and beauty products!? I'm a huge fan of anything cake-batter related, scented or flavored, and Dylan's version is second to none! I have a textbook Proustian reaction to the sugary smell of birthday cake. It takes me right back to being six years old and the cakes my parents used to buy for us.

If you're more of a chocolate lover, the line makes a knockout chocolate cupcake product line!

On the subject of sweets, I also just picked up a really delicious Belgian chocolate bar from one of my favorite local gourmet grocery stores, Savenor's:

I'd never heard of the Dolfin brand before, but just reading the names of their different kinds of chocolate bar makes me drool: dark chocolate with fresh ginger, milk chocolate with Japanese green tea or hot masala, or the one I chose: dark chocolate with pink pepper. Soooo delicious! After a week or so of indulging before and after the wedding, I swore I'd go back to my more healthy eating habits, but apparently I'm not quite there yet!

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